Shedding Light On The Truth About Size

Finally, people of all sizes can celebrate the way they look and how they feel about themselves.  It’s all about total acceptance of the truth about yourself, inside and out.  That’s critical to living a mindful life.  For so many years, growing up overweight/ fat/ heavyset/ obese/ plump/ (did I miss one of the many demeaning terms used to describe people?) – meant constantly being confronted by standards that didn’t reflect how I looked.  Amply sized people were always regarded as:


Unpleasing to the eye


Well not any longer.  Amply sized people (chosen term to use throughout this post to replace the above mentioned destructive names) are taking stock of their beauty on the “outside” and shouting back to the world “I am beautiful, I matter, I am awesome…as I am”.  No longer are amply sized people waiting until they reach a “goal” of a smaller size to feel attractive, worthy, presentable, or equal.  They have all those qualities – right now.  Proud without apology (very important!).

Is it important to be as healthy as possible?  Well, that’s true regardless of your weight.  If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., of course, it is imperative that you live a healthy lifestyle.  Everyone should include exercise, daily intake of a balance and variety of nutrition, and


water.  That is universal and not limited to amply sized people.  However, there are many people that are both – healthy and ample.  Regardless of all the hype and contradictory to what most doctors tell patients, it is possible to be healthy and above the “normal” weight guidelines.  “When health-care professionals get their first nutrition books, there’s a chapter on obesity,” says Glenn Gaesser, director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University. “And it generally says that fat people are unhealthy and thin people are healthy.”  Quartz Media LLC    However, there is growing support for the argument that amply sized people can live healthy lives as much as their slimmer counterparts.  Consider the interesting finds reported by Dr. Linda Bacon, who has studied and dedicated her work to this controversial topic:

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Body Mass Index (BMI) was derived politically, not based on scientific evaluation of health implications. Using it leads to misdiagnoses in people of all sizes.

Weight loss, for most people, is unobtainable or unsustainable due to biological constraints. “Prescribing” it helps no one. It actually backfires, supporting weight anxiety, feelings of failure – and weight gain.

Diet-induced weight cycling actually causes many of the very conditions blamed on fat, while heavy but stable-weight people fare better.

The “ironclad” notion that obesity leads to early death is wrong: Mortality data show “overweight” people, on average, live longest and the moderately “obese” people have similar longevity to those in the category deemed “normal” and advisable.

When “obesity” is the target, sound medicine falls by the wayside. Unforeseen costs run from ineffectual medical interventions (like futile advice to reduce) to the collateral psychological damage that arises from stigmatizing fat. Meanwhile, billions of taxpayer and consumer dollars have disappeared in pursuit of a slimmer future.

For those of you who are connected to an amply sized person, I have a little advice for you.  Please understand these two concerns that I find unbearably irritating:

1.  A true compliment to the well-endowed person does not involve statements such as “Your face is cute…”, “For a big person, you’re attractive”.  These statements are insulting more than flattering so please refrain from using these over utilized comments.  A person has beauty throughout and that beauty does not stop short of where the ample begins, or in spite of size.

2.  Do not think an amply sized person needs your advice on what to eat and when.  No one knows how to meet a body’s intake demands more than the person that possesses that body.  If you want an apple, by all means, have at it.  Just don’t feel the urge to insists that someone else needs to have it too..right there, immediately.

I am so very relieved and happy that many people are appreciating who they are, internally and externally as an awesome expression of the creator.  Regardless of how you look now, what your state of health is, or your goals of improvement in all areas of life – remain mindful that you are as acceptable as anyone else Right Now.  Just as you shouldn’t wait to love and celebrate yourself until after you’ve attained a professional promotion – you shouldn’t wait to regard yourself with high standards based on weight loss goals.  Love yourself now.

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