Mother God

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Searching for the Light

By Clara Collins

I traveled many roads searching for the right path.  I felt incomplete, drifting aimlessly, wandering and wondering if I would ever find my way.  I was born into the African Methodist Episcopalian faith but found it difficult to accept what “thus saith the Lord” to be the final word on the subject; for the Bible did not answer my many questions and I found it difficult to just resign myself to maintaining the status quo.  In my teens, I started visiting other houses of worship and exploring different beliefs.  I found the greatest peace in the Quaker Meeting House, such solace and because of the quiet I could communicate with God on a deeper level.  But still I wandered and along the way I found the Theosophical Society which led me to Florence Scovil Shinn, who taught me a new way of looking at life.  Finally, one day I found myself in the doorway of a Unity Church and overhead there was displayed a banner that read – “religion should not insult your intelligence”! I was certainly in the right place, for now, I was free to ask questions and indeed we were encouraged to seek God on our own level.  Here I was introduced to Her, the Divine Feminine, Mother God.  I found the balance I needed in my life, I was home.

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She is known by so many names – Sophia, Isis, Azna I prefer the latter.  For it was under the teachings of Sylvia Browne’s Novus Spiritus that the entire picture came together for me.  While Sylvia was a renown psychic, few knew of her spiritual teachings and that she had founded her own church.  It all made so much sense to me now, women had always been such an integral part of my life.  It had always been the women in my life that came to my rescue, that supported me, that cared for and nurtured me.  We no longer had to take a back seat to our male counterparts, we were equal in every way – just as Mother and Father God are equals. Our world/patriarchal society has distorted and maligned strong, independent women for eons and I understood why.  Their aim was to control and dominate the female less she know the truth and her true worth.

But Mother teaches no retribution or anger or hate or malice. She is Love and provides love, as do our earthly mothers for their children; She provides and embraces and cares for us tenderly.

With Her, I find such a sense of calm, of assurance, of being safe.  Indeed, when I go to my quiet place and sit with Her in the garden of my heart, I find love and comfort and total acceptance.  She makes no demands and is only there to love me.  I become so moved that the tears flow and I long to be with Her always, but I must return to this dimension.  This is such a difficult existence, men have made this world hard and difficult.  We need Her influence to right this capsized ship, humanity is in trouble and only the Mother can save us from ourselves.  The Divine Feminine is blanketing the Earth with positive energy and loving warmth to balance and heal our world.  She cares for and loves us all, for it is not an eitheror situation, we do not have to choose Father or Mother – they both peacefully coexist.  Mother provides the warmth and caring, Father the stability and security. Maybe because She, like me, is female or because She was hidden from me for so long; but I turn to Her more readily and She fails me not.  I love You Mother and am grateful to have awakened to Your Presence.

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