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You will probably find that I will encourage you and remind myself to keep advancing in all things LOVE.  Especially children.  My heart of hearts has always belonged to children.  I have advocated for children when I was still a child myself, as well as a professional after college.  I speak up for children whenever I can and to whoever will listen.  My opportunity for growth lies in improving my delivery of what I have to share about children’s rights and protections.  This area continues to stretch me but I am learning to embrace the challenge and turn my passionate feelings into fuel to find gentler, more welcoming ways of having my message heard.  This page is dedicated to helping me accomplish that area of growth for myself as well as others.  Being mindful includes always thinking of how your actions will be perceived.  Realize how the manner you express yourself will affect others, especially little ones.  Hopefully, I can bring everything I have to this topic from shedding light on occasional life experiences to reporting situations witnessed in public and asking others to share how they think the situation could have been handled with more light.   In all things, we should be considerate, respectful, and loving.