About Me

Belle Of The Light promotes mindfulness in all aspects of life to fulfill your purpose, draw better relationships, and self satisfaction.  We can all aspire to fulfill life’s higher purpose by living in harmony with the light guide within us all.  From parenting practices to product choices, we choose the light without being aware that we are following our inner guide.  Through this journey, it is my hope that together,  we will learn to hone in on that light source when it is most necessary and we are at our most challenged state – all the while reminding each other to enjoy each moment.

Earth Mama Organics

As a child, I witnessed situations that caused me to be very sensitive to the less fortunate, the unheard, and the limited.  Despite investing in a business degree, my concern for others guided me to teach children with special neeeds, protect children as a Social Worker, and encourage a sense of dignity in teenagers and elderly people as a Mental Health Counselor.   In every capacity I have related with heart first, professional second.  A challenging path is meant to arm a person with unique abilities to contribute to the world in a positive way that promotes light.