A Celebration of Us!


A Celebration Of Us!

By Clara Collins

It is time we take a breath, we need a time-out from all the chaos of our daily existence.  We need to turn away from all that seeks to divide us – the location of our birth, the amount of formal education we were able to attain, our age, our gender, the color of our skin.  Because of the current state of affairs of our planet, I place our political preferences at the top of this list.  It is time we realize that we do indeed have much more in common than we do different, that in so many ways we are the same.  Undeniably we breathe, we eat, we laugh, we hurt, we bleed and we die.  If we do not stop feeding into this false frenzy of separateness that permeates the very air we breathe, then the human race may face extinction.  It is all way too exhausting to keep up the angry dialogue, and the distrust of each other because of some preconceived notion about how we are different or better than…  I offer you a better way.

Why not just make up in your mind that the next person you see is truly and merely an extension of yourself, that this person is just another expression of life, divinity, God (as are you).  And that like you, this person wants and needs the same things as you; to live a good life, to be healthy, to be prosperous.  I offer you this – this person wants and needs love, friendship, and acceptance just like you.  If you doubt my premise then just smile at that person.  That’s right – go out on a limb, take a leap of my faith and smile at the next person you see.  Sometimes you may not see an immediate positive response, depending on how conditioned/damaged that other individual is – she/he may at first react to you as if you are “strange” or wanting something.  But your smile stays with them and eventually the magic starts to work.  You see smiles are contagious, you give them and you are guaranteed to receive them; and those that you give away multiply exponentially.  It is a wonderful thing.  You see a smile is wave from God/Source/Your Higher Power.  And for my agnostic and atheist friends – a smile is a greeting from the Universe that you are loved and valued.   

We all hurt and need and suffer loneliness.  We can heal each other and fill those needs if we just share ourselves with each other.  The human race is so unique in so many ways, we are a beautiful species, and there is no better way to celebrate our uniqueness than by recognizing how warm and splendid we truly are.  We have been conditioned to mistrust each other; hate – fight – kill each other, but this need not be.  We have free will and can choose to love instead of fear one another.  It is merely a matter of consciously deciding to turn to the Light, to seek and see love in each other.  To do otherwise is merely a further exercise in giving away our power and denying our true humanity.  Trust me you will be richly rewarded for your efforts.  We have the opportunity and the ability to heal our world by starting with each other.   This is me smiling at you! 



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